How to Pick a Lawn Service Company


Selecting a lawn service like Walkway Installation York is particularly tricky as you spend a lot of time outside and want it to look fantastic. You are also aware that one wrong move could be catastrophic not only to your lawn but also to your bank account.

So do you find the best company for your needs?

Your Needs and Preferences

First of all, know what it is that you need help with. The lawn care business is varied – some companies do everything, from mowing to weeding to landscaping and so on, while others only specialize in certain jobs. Knowing what you need, it will be easier to narrow down your list of prospective Patio Service York companies.

Permits and Insurances

First thing a lawn service company needs is a business license, which is only there for tax purposes and has nothing to do with expertise. They are also required to have safety Insurance, which assures you that if something happens at your home, such as an uninsured company’s employee getting injured, you will be responsible financially by way of your home owner’s insurance. Professional certification implies that company adopts a professional approach to business. Liability insurance is the most crucial, without which you should simply look for another prospect.


If you are going to let these people in your yard, you’ll have to know more about them. Does the company employ a strict screening process before they hire people? Also inquire if they have their own employees for all of their services or if they sub-contract out for certain tasks, which could change the experience and costs.


Perhaps the most obvious question you will have to ask concerns the company’s training and experience. Ask them – you’re not being rude. It can save you some cash, especially considering that somebody who isn’t sufficiently experienced or trained can make a costly error.



Quotes often tell you what the weekly, monthly, or individual visit fees are. When you’re given a price, be sure to read the fine print. If you pick a larger company, their “introductory prices” will fall off after some time, and you will end up paying more because you are locked into a contract. Bundled services will give you significant savings.


Reviews from old or current customers can reveal many things about a company. There are lots of them online, but you have to use a discerning eye. There reviews written by marketers. You should stick to independent review websites for neutrality.

Your Gut

At the end of the day, you just have to be able to trust anybody who enters your property. The Better Business Bureau has a website in which you can look up different companies and see whether or not they are trustworthy.


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